WoD Gold Guide – Making Gold In Warlords of Draenor

Wod, or Warlords of Draenor will prove once again that gold is indeed a needed requirement to advance in-game and yet is also readily available for those who know how to go about making it.

This short Wod gold guide will highlight some of the key factors to making gold in this upcoming Warlords expansion. We all know that many of the same “generic methods” of making gold (buy low sell high always works), recent changes may either serve to confuse the novice or even frustrate the veterans. In either case let’s look at some of the changes and how they will affect your WoD gold profits.

Wod Gold Guide – Making Gold With Garrisons

One of the biggest features being added to the Warlords of Draenor expansion is the use of a Garrison. Garrisons are a new form of player encampments that will be located in Frostfire Ridge. These garrisons allow player to construct buildings that will help the player to accomplish specific tasks, such as mining, herb gathering or even working the players chosen professions.

As the size of your garrison grown you will be able to place more and more buildings. This give players the ability to customize their garrisons to meet their specific needs.

Buildings include:

  • Warlords of Draenor garrison imageMine
  • Farm
  • Fishing Shack
  • Storehouse
  • Salvage Yard
  • Lumber Mill
  • Inn
  • Barn
  • Trading Post
  • Armory
  • Barracks
  • Mage Tower
  • Stable
  • and even more.

Buildings such as the farms and mines will collect resources for your character even when you are offline. These basically become free gold. In addition to these resources the garrison will have “missions” that can be done to earn rewards.

For more specific details about each individual building, check out: Guide to Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor: Buildings, Plots, Followers, Missions, and More


Wod Gold Guide – Making Gold With Professions

It is nothing new to see a slew of new profession recipes when a new expansion comes out. However, many of you might have noticed that all your old recipes are now listed as “outdated”. Well, that’s because WoD has listed the following:

“New Profession items and leveling from 1-700 with Draenor materials.”

As will all new items, gear and craftables, there will be items among them that will sell well and some that won’t sell at all. Only time will truly tell which professions will come out on top, but expect several consistencies that we have seen in the past. For instance, expect people to need new glyphs, new and ever larger bags to carry stuff, new armor sets, and of course potentially craftable mounts.


Wod Gold Guide – Making Gold With Resources

This expansion is going to be even more resource hungry then previous expansions due to the need to work professions up to level 700. These new materials will be accessible through the garrison, however one should not expect to maintain a consistent level of supply for the coming demand. New items and new professions have always meant new materials. Whether this is new jewels, new ores to mine, or new animals to skin, these can often be a fast method to gain the gold you need.


Wod Gold Guide – Making Gold Playing Catch Up

Too many people forget about using real life concepts in making gold in a game, but supply and and knowing your market are two key points that come to mind. Just because you are a super-uber geared toon who can carry half of Azeroth in your backpack does not mean everyone else can. There are tremendous money making opportunities just be understanding that the other people in the game might not have a ton of in game gold or carrying capacity.

Items such as blue leveling gear, bags, and single use items (potions, food, etc), can always have a good profit margin. These items often sell all the time and are constantly in need as the rest of the community plays catch up. Many players may only have one or two toons at max level and simply might not have the time to bring all their professions up to par. This is where smart WoD Gold is truly made. Supplying those items that sell regularly, even if at a lower price.

Stop worrying about getting that uber item that sells for 100k gold on the auction house. If you get one, great. But making 100k gold by selling bags, gems, or mounts is still 100k gold. It might take you just as much time and monotony to grind dungeons to get that one item as it would to make the bags, either way your making gold in Warlords of Draenor.

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